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Hello there.  Thanks for stopping by!

Well, where to start?  I never know what to say about myself when asked.  I enjoy random oddness, laughing at inappropriate times, and exploring new places, people, and foods.

I am curious.  I ask a lot of questions.  I think my innate curiosity allows me to reveal true and natural moments in my photographs.  Everybody has their own unique style and personality and it is my goal to bring that out in every photograph I take.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  I don’t have an accent but “ya’ll” is a part of my regular vocabulary.

I attended Savannah College of Art and Design and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Photography in 2001.

Anyway, enough about me.  If you made it through my babbling, it should be glaringly obvious why I did not become a writer.



Prints can be purchased from shop.jlblount.com